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At Sandhill, our mission is to provide the most powerful, cost-effective treatment to patients in their fight against cancer. BINATE™, the company’s universal dual cell immunotherapy, transforms cellular immuno-oncology.

The Company

Founded in 2018, Sandhill Therapeutics has harnessed the power of Natural Killer (NK) cells and innate T cell populations to maximize tumor killing and to provide a cost-effective, universal, cellular immuno-oncology therapy.



Personalized, adaptive CAR-T therapies have achieved remarkable response rates in CD19+ hematologic cancers but the inability to address solid tumors, high production costs, troubling manufacturing bottlenecks and logistical challenges remain. Sandhill Therapeutics was founded to address these challenges by developing a universal, off-the-shelf, cellular immuno-oncology product that leverages the natural tumor killing power of the innate immune system. Sandhill Therapeutics’ BINATE™, a novel dual-cell universal donor technology of NK and innate T cells, is derived from the peripheral blood of healthy donors and has the capacity to expand to thousands of doses from a single donor.

The Power Of Two

Innate immunity represents the body’s first line of defense against infection and cancer. NK cells and innate T cells do not require previous antigen exposure in order to recognize and kill host cells that have been altered by disease. NK cells and innate T cells each recognize different signals on the surface of tumor cells, thus increasing the number of “shots on goal” compared to antigen-specific adaptive immune cells. Neither NK nor innate T cells require proliferation in order to kill and therefore do not release the cytokines responsible for Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS).

Sandhill’s donor screening process results in selection of donors with the the most powerful tumor-killing capability. Sandhill’s proprietary BINATE selection, activation and feeder-free expansion process results in synergistic logarithmic expansion of the dual innate cell populations. BINATE is cryopreserved, release tested and available for immediate patient use.

The proprietary activation and expansion process for BINATE upregulates CD16 and other receptors for antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) on both innate cell populations. Combination therapy with clinical antibodies represents an enhanced tumor killing approach compared to antibody therapy alone that relies on the patient's own innate immunity that might have been weakened by prior chemotherapy.

Genetic Modification

BINATE has been readily modified with second and third generation CAR constructs with very high efficiencies, thus increasing the potency of the innate immune cells even further by providing additional tumor targeting mechanisms, in essence marshalling both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

BINATE is the only product with a broad innate immune cell composition and the only universal product derived from peripheral blood and available off the shelf.

Clinical Development Pipeline

Sandhill’s proprietary BINATE technology is the only technology to specifically leverage a defined combination of multiple innate immune cell populations. The BINATE technology will be used clinically in both treatment of solid tumors and after hematologic stem cell transplantation for treatment and prevention of infections and relapse. Antigen targeted CAR-modified BINATE products will be used in solid tumors initially, followed by hematologic tumors.



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Annemarie Moseley, MD, PhD

CEO, acting CMO, & Founder

Bellicum, Osiris

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General Counsel, Founder

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