One Co-Activation and Expansion Process

Multiple Products

Universal BINATE is created when innate cells from the peripheral blood of prescreened healthy donors are highly co-activated with proprietary GMP grade reagents. The innate cells undergo >1,000 fold expansion without the need for feeder cells.

The production process can be adapted to produce multiple differentiated products:

  • BINATE-K -- highly enriched NK cells
  • BINATE-G – highly enriched gd T cells
  • BINATE-CAR -- gene-modified BINATE with chimeric antigen receptor

Large-Scale Production

The BINATE proprietary process has been optimized for large scale, automated, closed system bioreactors.

The process allows the production of thousands of doses of BINATE product from a single donor.

The doses are cryopreserved, release tested and made available off-the-shelf for immediate use.