Power: BINATE kills on contact and does not require target antigen or HLA

Safety: Innate cells neither elicit cytokine release nor cause a mixed lymphocyte reaction, reducing the risk of CRS and GVHD

Delivery: Multi-dose potential with IV administration

Patient Benefit: Off-the-shelf BINATE enables immediate treatment—unlike CAR-T patient-specific manufacturing. The cost of goods is projected to be up to 100 fold less than CAR-T or other personalized therapies, while its safety profile enables treatment everywhere from outlying hospitals and clinics to large medical centers.

Unmet Clinical Need

Treating cancer has undergone an evolution, from chemotherapy to immunotherapy including checkpoint inhibitors to cellular and gene therapies.

Many antibody therapies are able to target tumor, but rely on the body’s innate immune system, NK cells particularly, to ultimately kill the tumor. The number and functional capacity of the body’s NK cells, especially after prior chemotherapy, may not be sufficient to provide maximum benefit from the antibody therapy.

Many tumors cannot be treated because there are no known or safe targets for antibody therapies. Innate cell populations, like BINATE-K, do not rely on specific targeting, but recognize tumor cells through special receptors – a “generic” recognition and cytotoxic response.

BINATE-K provides healthy NK cells in high doses and multiple infusions to provide increased cells for antibody-based killing, and to provide healthy NK cells for killing of tumors without existing antibody therapies.

On the Path to the Clinic